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Comprehensive intense-focused cognitive training can strengthen weak learning skills and improve:

  • communicative, 
  • behavioral, and 
  • motor deficiencies.

Stronger brain skills make grasping and processing information easier than before.

how to develop cognitive skill

We provide specific programs and exercises that specialize in targeting and strengthening weak skills through proven intensive one-on-one cognitive training drills.

By using proper training methods, We target, modify, and develop the brain to improve deficiencies.

These exercises can be likened to a “mental boot camp.” The brain is similar to a muscle in that the more you use it, the more it grows.

The primary cause of poor learning is that many skills needed for efficient learning, which should be subconscious (automatic) are not.

For example, a fluent reader does not sound out words or pause to think of their meanings.

These skills should be automatic. If they are not, comprehension suffers.

How cognitive training works

When we learn, incoming information is processed through the brain’s core skills (attention, processing speed, working memory, logic & reasoning, long-term memory, auditory processing, and visual processing). Like cogwheels in a machine, these skills must work together to move information into stored knowledge. That means even one weak skill can keep information from being processed well.

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The child who must consciously work at sounding out letters and blending those sounds expends all of his or her energy in the act of reading.

This means that there isn’t enough left over to comprehend the ideas read. As a result, understanding and memory suffer.

Cognitive training procedures strengthen deficient skills and drive learning from the conscious to the subconscious level.

Then the conscious mind can concentrate on :

  • comprehending, 
  • remembering, and 
  • understanding.  

A child who does not have to think about the act of reading is a much better reader – just as a typist who does not have to think about keys or finger placement is a much better typist. 

Our cognitive Skills training causes new skills to become subconscious more quickly and effectively. 

The result is that the child no longer has to learn to process information and can now process information to learn.

Signs that your child could benefit from cognitive training include:

  • Struggling in subjects for which he/she has already received tutoring.
  • Difficulty staying focused.
  • Frustrated from hours of homework.
  • Struggling with grades, homework, or class assignments for more than one school year.
  • Complains about feeling stupid or thinks he/she isn’t as smart as other kids.
  • Seems to work longer than peers to get good grades.
  • Difficulty keeping up with school work in more than one class.

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