What is Brain Training?

What is brain training? How does it work?

These are common questions we receive from potential clients at Brain Ability Place. While some clients are familiar with the term “brain training,” others are not.

Whether you’re researching brain training vs. tutoring for your child, considering an adult brain training program for yourself, or simply want to learn more about how brain training works, you’ll find answers on this page.

You can also get a taste of brain training here.

Brain training is a simple but powerful way of enhancing a student’s core ability to learn faster, easier, and better.

The brain processes information through a complex network of nerve cells called neurons.

As we learn, groupings of neurons physically work together to accomplish learning or thinking tasks.

Additionally, According to Research, nearby neurons are drawn into this process when the task is new or unfamiliar, or when the intensity of the learning demand is increased.

Once the task is mastered, the borrowed neurons are released to go back to other duties; however, the gains in efficiency and processing speed required for that task are retained and make learning-related tasks easier. 

Simply put, BrainRx brain training programs consist of intense mental exercises that sharpen the core skills the brain uses to 

  • think
  • learn
  • read
  • reason
  • pay attention 
  • prioritize, plan 
  • understand
  • visualize 
  • remember
  • create useful associations, and 
  • solve problems. 

These skills are every student’s foundation for successful learning.


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